Meet the Board Members

Executive Board Members


President - Tiffany Kelley

1st Vice President - Amanda Chastain

2nd Vice President - Romayne Simonton

Secretary - Kathrine White

Charitable Treasurer - Julie Fiedler

Operational Treasurer - Alicia Carraway

Parliamentarian - OPEN

Board Members


Membership - OPEN

Hospitality - OPEN

Historian - OPEN

Special Activity  Chair - OPEN

Social Event Chair - OPEN

Social Co-Chair -  OPEN

Publicity - OPEN 

Webmaster - OPEN

Thrift Shop - OPEN

Thrift Shop Co-Chair-  OPEN

Cinderella's Closet - OPEN

Cinderella's Closet Co - Chair - OPEN

Ways & Means - OPEN

Helping Hands -  OPEN

Hangar Holiday  Event Coordinator- Tiffany Kelley

HH Vendor Coordinator- Morgan Ellis

HH Volunteer Coordinator- Heather Mykes

Advisor - Yvonne Jolly

Advisor - Janet Driggers

Board Position Applicaation

We need you!

We need YOU! Would you like to be part of an altruistic, energetic, and fun-loving group? A group that makes the decisions that keeps the SSC viable and beneficial to the community, but has great camaraderie and fun at the same time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the SSC board needs you.